Departament d'Economia i Empresa

Departament d'Economia i Empresa

La UPF és una universitat pública, internacional i intensiva en recerca que està al nivell de les millors universitats europees. Amb excel•lents indicadors de producció científica com és el cas de les tesis doctorals en accés obert. 

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Si sou doctor de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra i voleu publicar la vostra tesi a TDX, contacteu amb Per a més informació consulteu Publicació de tesis a TDX. i les preguntes més freqüents.

Enviaments recents

  • Sun, Yucheng (Data de defensa: 16-03-2017)
    Based on high-frequency price data, this thesis focuses on estimating the realized covariance and the integrated volatility of asset prices, and applying volatility estimation to price jump detection. The first chapter ...
  • Stoerk, Thomas, (Data de defensa: 24-04-2017)
    This thesis consists of three chapters that investigate environmental policy questions from an empirical point of view. Chapter 1 examines the trustworthiness of official air pollution data sources for Beijing when compared ...
  • Stojić, Hrvoje (Data de defensa: 17-01-2017)
    This thesis consists of three studies investigating the strategy selection problem and the role of function learning in human decision making. Chapter 1 examines how people learn which decision strategy to use when ...
  • Perdomo Strauch, Alvaro Andrés (Data de defensa: 01-02-2017)
    This dissertation uses an experimental approach to analyze the behavior of people in controlled environments based in different theoretical issues of relatively recent discussion in macroeconomic theory. The first chapter ...
  • Tripathy, Jagdish (Data de defensa: 22-11-2016)
    This dissertation includes three chapters on the macroeconomic effects of the financial system, particularly the credit market. In the first chapter, I show a causal link between household credit supply and economic ...

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